If Kindness was Money, Would you be Rich?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I had just finished my weekly Target run, where the check out line ran literally all the way to the back of the store, and was craving a pumpkin spice latte. Luckily, for me, there is a Starbucks inside my local Target. I was making my way to the line with my cart full of goodies and there were two young women, sisters, making their way to the line also. They were in front of me and they were chatting and having a great time. Then I noticed that the other woman they came in with, their mother I presumed, was also slowly making her way to the line. She ended up behind me, so I was now in the middle of this mother-daughter shopping team. I turned to the woman behind me and told her she was welcome to go ahead of me and join her daughters. She smiled (underneath her mask) and said, "are you sure?". I said, "of course"! She thanked me and moved ahead and the three ladies ordered their favorite drinks and snacks from the very pleasant, pink haired barista behind the counter. When it was my turn, I ordered my favorite fall beverage and waited. As the trio ahead of me got their orders and turned to leave, the mother thanked me again, and wished me a beautiful day to which I replied the same.

Later that day, with just enough room in the trunk of my little roadster for a couple more bags, I went to Old Navy to grab a few fall pieces to compliment my new 2020 COVID Lockdown 2 wardrobe of leggings and long tunic tops. While I was browsing with an arm full of clothes, I noticed a couple that was shopping together. They caught my eye because they looked to be having the best time. They were laughing and holding hands and helping each other pick out clothes. There were a few, "that is not a good look for you" comments that were followed by belly laughs that made me smile. It always warms my heart to see people in love who can share experiences as simple as picking out sweatshirts at the local mall.

As I made my way home that day, and the worries about the impending election and the uncertainty of the global pandemic began to fill my mind once again, I reflected on these two experiences. I began to think about what this world is like today. What us, as humans, are like today.

Does it matter that the three women in the Starbucks line were black? Does it matter that the couple in Old Navy were two women? Nope. It doesn't. Those experiences were the same for me regardless of circumstance. It was about the love between mothers and daughters. The enjoyment a couple can share while running their weekly errands. That's it. My life was simply elevated that day by love and compassion. And isn't that all that really matters? We should be lifting each other up. We should be taking care of each other. It's not hard. It doesn't cost anything to be kind.

So, decide what kind of person you want to be today. Can you be helpful, not hurtful? Can you be caring, not confrontational? Can you be patient, not defensive? Can you spread messages of love, not hate? Can you let your voice be heard and not drown out the crowd? Can you listen and not interrupt? Can you have an opinion and respect someone else's? I think you can. I think we all can.

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