Everything Will Be Ok-ish

I saw a card in a little boutique once that said, “Everything Will Be Ok-ish". I laughed so hard. At the time, my life was slightly left of perfect. I was going through a divorce, trying to figure out what was next. Most days I was struggling to believe everyone when they told me that everything was going to work out. I couldn’t figure out how that was possible. I was 40 and starting life all over again. When I saw that card, I realized that it was ok if everything was not ok. It was ok if everything was ok-ish.

Fast forward a couple of years and, suddenly, I was not just OK-ish, I was OK. I found love again, live in a great little house at the beach, and have the cutest little pup in the world. Life was good. 

Cut to 2020. A global pandemic. Face masks are the hot new accessory and there are country songs about social distancing on the radio. Once again, I was wondering if everything was going to be ok.

Then, on a drive home from the emergency vet at 2:30 in the morning, (all pups are ok), a flash of light in the sky caught my eye as a meteor went by right before my eyes. The bright green tail lingered among the stars as a large, orange crescent moon appeared low in the sky. It was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. 

All that beauty and magnificence at a time when nothing is certain. I mean, let’s be honest, humanity is struggling hard for a win. Seeing that reminded me that there is always hope, even when we least expect it. I could have spent hours lying in a field somewhere looking at the sky waiting for a meteor to pass by and never see one. Hell, I look up at the stars every night while I wait, and wait, and wait, for my dog to find the perfect spot to “do his business”. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was completely random, and completely perfect timing. 

I chose to take it as a sign. An indication that things may not be as bad as they seem. I chose and still choose to believe that if we’re open to the possibility that things will work out, that maybe, just maybe, there will be a silver lining.

Be Open. Be willing to accept that sometimes life gets worse before it gets better. Believe that just because you may be going through a tough time, that there is always a possibility that everything will be ok... ish.

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